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The contemporary fireplace

As you know, winter is coming soon! The hat, gloves and down jacket will therefore be out. But to warm up your daily life, what could be more important than a fireplace?  Once the only source of heat for homes, the fireplace has now become an essential aesthetic component of your interior design. 

It has become innovative and designed, and can be found in all shapes, materials and colours. This furniture will allow you to add your own personal touch and originality, which you and your guests will enjoy to share good moments in a warm and friendly atmosphere. You will therefore be spoilt for choice to find the fireplace that will suit you perfectly ! However, remember that its volume must be proportional to the room in which it is located in order to create a harmonious atmosphere.

The Zelia 908 JC Bordelet central suspended fireplace is, for my part, the ideal element for my living room. By its ultra-contemporary style, this object will bring a soft warmth and a great modernity to your living space.

French Chic

The French style leaves no one indifferent and makes dream for many years the entire planet!

But what is the secret of this "French Touch" so recognized? Elegance is of paramount importance, but the real secret is the art of being chic without effort! Being chic is synonymous with elegance. To be elegant in all circumstances, I wear materials that fall well, I favour the sober style that highlight!

Today, I would like to share with you the timeless basics that you should have in your dressing room.

The first piece that comes to my mind is the essential Blazer! It is the ideal partner of the great occasions! This centrepiece perfectly represents the casual charm of the French.

Simple and casual, the “Marinière” is suitable for various occasions. Originally linked to the maritime world, it is now iconic!

Too often forgotten, the navy blue is the color that I think best suits the refined chic! It is an excellent alternative to black that tends to harden the features. A lovely navy dress is always welcome in our wardrobes!

The print trend

As you all know, fashion is one of my passions. It inspires me on a daily basis because, beyond appearing, it is a real means of expression. Indeed, style allows us to assert ourselves in front of the world around us and to express our personality. For this summer 2019, the printed is back in force!

The wild print will give a modern touch to your outfit. It transmits a dynamic image to your personality and blends perfectly with the sportswear style. 

Stripes bring a classic look to your outfit, this print is a must have in fashion that is essential to have in your wardrobe. Band are ideal in professional life, they ensure originality without too much extravagance.

Finally, the polka-dot print is the ideal ally for all women with a vintage look. Polka-dot make your outfit unique while ensuring elegance and refinement if it used properly.  

This summer, according to your personality, dare the print!

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French femininity takes pride of place in items created by the Tara Jarmon brand, founded in 1986. Let yourself be tempted and surprised by the variety that can be found in their chic and elegant catalogue.


Poiray, an innovative jewellery brand, supplies a full range of interchangeable luxury watches. Notable for its small rectangular watches, the brand has had premises on Place Vendôme since 1973.


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